Enhance Student Learning Outcomes

According to Eduventures, career preparation has been the No. 1 influencer of students’ enrollment decisions since 2013. As a result, 87 percent of CAOs in a recent Chronicle of Higher Education survey reported that their institution is paying increased attention to the ability of their programs to help students get a good job.
Our partner schools come to us for help with questions like these:
  • How can career preparation be integrated effectively across the student experience?
  • What investments will make the biggest impact on job placement?
  • Where are the gaps in our current process, and how do our programs compare to industry standards?
  • What will increase student engagement with career development?
  • How can students graduate prepared to show how their education relates to their career goals?

Connect Academics to Career Skills

Seelio, our proprietary career preparation technology, helps students understand the 21st-century skills employers want, communicate how their education relates to those skills in a professional digital portfolio, and ultimately use that digital identity to connect with employers and find a job.

Over 50,000 students use Seelio at schools like Ohio University, the University of Michigan and West Virginia University, and our NPS score of 43 is among the highest in the education industry. Nine out of 10 students say they are more confident in their ability to find meaningful work after using Seelio regularly.

Engage Students in Career Development

“Students think that all they have to do is get good grades to get a good job, but the rules have changed, and no one has told them.” — Career center director at a Midwestern research university

The fact is that too many students reach graduation without effectively preparing for what they want to be doing after they complete their degree.

In a recent survey of undergraduate juniors and seniors, only

  • 14 percent had completed a career inventory
  • 15 percent had participated in a mock interview
  • 25 percent had worked with their career center

Improve student reach by 50 percent with our Career Engagement Campaigns by leveraging our student-centered technology and marketing resources to engage students in career development.  

Showcase Student Success

Incorporating Seelio across programs gives you real examples of student success to share with employers, alumni and prospective students to help students get jobs, increase engagement and attract new students. Seelio provides white-labeled galleries that can be placed directly on your website to showcase what students are learning. Request a demo with one of our industry experts to learn more about how we can help differentiate your students and programs.


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