The Student Journey
Rethinking the Approach to the Student Journey
Today’s students approach higher education as the means to opportunity and a better career. They want an experience that meets them where they are – we help you deliver that. We’ve evolved the student experience to include integrated marketingpersonalized learning, career preparation throughout the academic experience, proactive retention strategies, and the technology and expertise to make it all possible.
Using the deepest, most versatile understanding of student data and behavior in the industry, we partner with higher education institutions to innovate every aspect of the student experience. As a result, our partner schools are better able to attract, connect with and graduate the world’s most prepared students.

Specializing in Serving Nontraditional Students

A declining number of traditional 18- to 22-year-old students are attending residential college campuses and graduating within four years. The increasing majority – so-called nontraditional students – are working adults, part-time and online-only learners, and returning students. We specialize in connecting these learners with educational opportunities.